Global Treehouse
"If you don't change direction, you will probably end up where you are headed"
Global Tree House is the worlds most unique and powerful home.  A cable stay designed house so simple yet not vulnerable to; Earthquake, Hurricane, Flood or Fire.  You can build this Platinum Rated house on any terrain; Steep Slopes, Swamps, Beaches or Flood Plains.  Two people  can erect this off grid house in just two days!  Our patent pending, Cable Stay, house system include; Steel center column, 12 (twelve ton) crane cables, 46 magnesium oxide SIPs panels, 6 spacer beams, 8 windows, 1 door, 12  floor brackets, 12 loft brackets, 96 lag bolts, 1 composting toilet, 2.5 kw wind turbine and 14 solar panels.  A completed house shell with an R56 insulation rating for only $50,000.  Only $35 per sq ft.  The house is incredibly easy to heat or cool, your body heat will keep it from freezing in below 0 temperatures.  We also have 2 1/2 story models or you can connect them together with sky walks.  Perfect for beach front resorts that need no infrastructure. Totally sustainable for all your future needs.  The house shown is a 3 bed room 1,100 sq. ft. unit.  The open vaulted loft has 2 bed rooms.

  We at Global Tree House are dedicated to providing the ultimate sustainable living environment for our planet. What we want in our life can no longer be more than we need. Our children and their children’s lives depend on the choices we make today.

  People can argue about science, how much time we have and who has to do what. But no one can argue with the simple truth.

  That if we live by creating our own power, disposing our own waste, recycling our useless packaging and grow a victory garden we will be independent! Be one of the angels that solved 85% of our pollution footprint in one bold stroke.   

  Buy a house that costs only $50,000!  Can you imagine having total monthly bills of only $460.00? That’s right, your; mortgage, insurance, power bills, sewer bills. 

  Now you can afford that electric car solving the other 15% of our pollution footprint, organic food, and two eco-tourist vacations a year for a family of 4 and only one parent needs to work!

  We at Global Tree House need to develop a vast network of people licensed to handle regional Sales, Panel manufacturing, Steel fabrication /cable rigging and Site construction crews. We want to spread out the profits regionally to put more people to work, do less shipping and avoid pollution.  If you have ever wanted your own business that was part of a large support industry, this might be that once in a lifetime opportunity.

  If you want to live off the grid or put one up in the city, contact us.


Don Stewart Baldwin

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